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Today marks the start of my Olympic journey: Nigeria edition. I made it safely to Nigeria this afternoon on a wonderful direct flight from Houston. I am grateful for those who prayed with me before and during the trip. With the many warnings beforehand of what not to do, who not to speak to and what not to eat I am safe and sound in my hotel room.

My thoughts on Lagos, Nigeria…wow. After getting picked up from the airport first stop was the office. Greeted by a cheerful colleagues the first question was, “Well what do you think? Was it what you expected?” At that moment I didn’t know what I thought, or what I expected, I was just happy. Snapping photos like a tourist I was breathing Nigerian air for the first time…ever.

Nigeria, your daughter Idara has finally returned. Thinking back to my Bible study class yesterday as we poured through the story of the Prodigal son of Luke 15 I couldn’t help but think this is how he felt when he came home. Not that I had a huge feast prepared, or new garments to show off but the joy and peace I felt stepping onto the Lagosian streets cannot be explained or replicated. I indeed am home.

Riding through the streets I was trying to take in everything I saw. The people, the faces, the culture. Surprisingly to me the roads here are the same as the US as with thesteering wheel orientation. Not that I was planning on driving while here but it was cool nonetheless.

As I am getting ready to head to the hotel gym to shake off 12 hours of flying my mind is fixed on why I am here. Making Nigeria’s 2012 Olympic Team would be a dream come true and nothing short of a miracle. Those who know me well know the history but if not do know that the Lord is faithful.

More on that to come…

Well friends, time for the work to begin but before I go I’ll leave you with my favorite verse.

Psalm 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart

Be well. Be joyous. Be you.


Team O2 signing out