It had been quite a while from my last post but what seems like a million travel hours later I will do my best to bring you up to speed. The last your heard from me I was preparing for the final round of the 400m of Nigeria’s Olympic trials, this would be the determining factor if one day I’d be called an olympian, head to London and extend my time off of work ;-). Given most already know I will hold the dramatics, but yes I made it through. With a 5th place finish and time of 52.45 I clinched a spot on Nigeria’s 4×400 meter relay.

To give you a little glimpse of what the race was like, I went out HARD and fast and held on for dear life. It wasn’t the most tactical race I’ve had by any stretch but it got the job done. Being in lane 7 with only competitor in front of me it wascrucial to have a strong start to be in the mix come 250 meters when you start to see the rest of the field. Over joyed but exhausted I was quickly ushered into the doping room for testing. Thought it took 3 bottles of water, a fanta and a wasted effort the doping officials had my sample and I was on my way. The day wasn’t done as we “Team Delta” still had a 4×400 relay to run. We were crown victors and handed shiny gold medals by the lovely flower girls. The day was complete and I, Idara Otu was on my way to being an Olympian.

The calls went out to all the numbers I could remember on my little Nokia phone. “I made it! I made it” I shared with anyone who would listen. I was feeling good, feeling great. All I could think about was Psalm 118:1 O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; because his mercy endureth forever.

I’ve come so far, worked so hard, dripped a lot of sweat but increase comes from above. Riding back to the hotel, over all the horns from the motor bikes and decade old cars. Past the cows and goats on the side walk. Over the high life African music blasting through the stereos I was overwhelmed with joy. The culmination of a long season but the beginning of the Big Stage; the grand performance. The reason for all the ice baths, vitamins, doctor visits, deep tissue “massages” have come to light. The curtains have rolled back and I’m moving into my space.