It’s been a little over a week since the opening ceremony.  Already 4 days into Athletics competition, the excitement and nervousness builds as I await my turn to go Friday evening. My roommate is already through with her competition, competing during the first 2 days of Athletics competition and I can feel her relief while my anticipation increases.  This is a very crucial point in my training as it is imperative that I stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually while I sharpen up for the big race.  It is so easy to be swayed by those already done with competition to enjoy the late nights and multiple trips to McDonald’s for McFlurrys, Quarter Pounders and French Fries but I must stay committed to the plan.

Isaiah 1:19 “If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land”  

Because it is so easy to fall off course I found this verse fitting. To me, being willing and obedient to fully commit to the purpose of why I am here is the only important thing in my last days here.  That means in these last few workouts going 110% is the only option. Not missing treatment sessions, being disciplined in my eating and getting my rest.  Taking care of the all the necessary elements of training and staying focused on who brought me here, my creator, my Lord, my God the word promises that I will eat of the good land.  Some would argue that the 24 hr McDonald’s is eating of the good land but I am confident there is something greater out there for me.

Staying focused will be the key to combat the fear and paralyzing nerves of competing in front of an 80,000 person crowd.  To help prepare for this, this week I’ve honed in on mental preparation through visualization. The mind is such a powerful tool and understanding how to unlock its power can be enough to create an advantage vs. your competitors.  This of course isn’t singular to athletics or athletic competitions but in all facets of life.  Some use the term “meditation” interchangeably with visualization and I believe the exercise produces similar results.  Even Joshua 1:8 talks about the link between meditation and prosperity/having good success so I can’t be that far off right?

I was fortunate to learn about a place in London called Floatworks where I carried out my visualization sessions.  Floating (yes I said floating)  in a tank of water in complete silence and darkness for 1 hour, I visualized my race over and over. It was pretty difficult the first time, one because it was foreign to actually float in water (heavily salnated) and two I had a million and one things on my mind.  I would continually  start off the race in my mind and before I got to 200 I was thinking about any and everything.  Finally able to get through a few races fully in my mind I was at ease that though I have yet to step on the track I have seen the race in my mind already and there is nothing to fear.

When I am not floating around or training, there are a lot of fun things happening here in the village.  With a few excursions into and around London my teammates and I have been taking in some of London’s best sites.  Tower bridge, London Bridge, Knights Bridge, Soho, Central London, and Covent Garden to name a few.  In addition to playing the tourist, we have been blessed to visit a few of the hospitality venues by some of the Olympic Sponsors: Oakley, Beats by Dre, Red Bull and Mizuno.  These trips are always fun because you come back with cool free stuff!  It’s such a great way to get product out there into the right hands and make a few athletes happy in the process.

Before I sign off for the night I so want to take a moment to thank you all for your support. For the endless Facebook posts, emails, prayers and bragging you have been doing on my behalf. It’s amazing how friends, family, colleagues and strangers have come together to support me in whatever capacity they can.  I can never repay you for the encouragement it brings me but know that  your efforts are not in vain.  When I step out there on Friday I can only hope that my performance on the track can mirror the positive energy you are pouring into my life right now.  Thank you all!